Life is too short.

Manage customer wait times and increase revenue

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What is We:Queue

We:Queue is a flexible and innovative app designed to maximise customer satisfaction and reduce wait times in busy locations. Designed to help businesses manage high volume traffic to their restaurant, bar, or high street location, We:Queue manages guests expectations and communicates them in real time while rewarding them with free time away from a queue. Life is too short. Don't make them wait.

How It Works

Meet — Greet — Seat — Repeat

Greet guests

Greet guests at the door, entering their details into app and welcoming them to the virtual queue.
Customers receive an sms notification where they can track their position in realtime using a custom designed web link.

Notify Guests

Tap on the sms icon when a new table opens up to notify guests that their table is being prepared and welcoming them back to the restaurant.

Seat Guests

Seat guests the minute they return to the restaurant, allowing for a streamlined process that takes the stress out of standing inline.

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Designed with hosts, guests and managers in mind.

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Life is too short.
Why make customers wait?

Manage your waitlist

Seat guests the minute they return to the restaurant, allowing for a streamlined process that takes the stress out of standing in line.

Improve Customer Experience

Manage expectations and reward your customers with free time to explore nearby locations or simply chill while they wait. Promote neighbouring businesses by offering discounts or inform guests on upcoming events using a branded weblink.

Reduce operational costs

Improve the efficiency of staff operation by providing them with a tool that removes the pen, paper and stress out of dealing with busy periods at your location.

Intuitive Dashboard Analytics

Monitor locations, wait times, efficiencies and more in your admin dashboard. Understand when to apply or reduce resources and optimise your business accordingly.

Check in from the cloud

Your queue management system is 100% cloud based allowing you monitor, optimise and update your locations from anywhere at anytime.

Capture Customer Information

Request emails and information from customers who are happy to stay up to date or hear more about your product or service.


Meet — Greet — Seat — Repeat

Admin Features

  • View and optimise how your locations are performing using your customised analytics dashboard. Improve customer experience based on real numbers, updating your business processes on the fly. Learn how your guests typically engage with your business and apply staffing and management practices accordingly.

  • We:queue is designed for businesses to effortlessly manage multiple locations at scale. Streamline up to 50 locations from one account using your smartphone, tablet or laptop at any time, from anywhere.

  • Automated Marketing. Send custom designed emails, weblinks or sms/voice communication in bulk directly from your admin dashboard.

  • We:queue’s software lets you know how your locations are performing and sends you monthly reports that are optimised to your business. We analyse your activity and make suggestions how you can optimise your waitlist and continue to improve your customers experience.